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Elmwood Stock Farm


Elmwood Stock Farm is a sixth-generation farm, just outside Georgetown, KY. They offer locally grown, USDA certified organic fruits, vegetables, pantry items, and animal products to Central Kentucky and Cincinnati.

What started as a small homestead grew to a 550-acre family-owned operation, and their growth in complexity over the years ended up with some conflicting web elements. 

Elmwood made three different online stores over the years, to handle different aspects of their business, all powered by different platforms! Bigcommerce, Shopify, and a custom CSA ordering system. Each one of those might have been useful on their own, but they weren’t exactly compatible. 

Customers had to place three different orders on three different sites if they wanted to buy meat, veggies, and pantry items on the same day! Not to mention the maze it created for their employees trying to sort orders. 


With all of that, PLUS a wordpress website that hadn’t been updated in nearly 10 years… spring cleaning was a bit overdue. 

Our team started with a complete site redesign. We used Elementor to build mobile-friendly modern layouts, added new pictures to reflect their farm’s growth, and expanded pages to explain their different products, certifications, and proud family history. Even for a farm that started planting in the 1930’s, websites are often a customer’s first impression of a business. A refreshing modern look makes all the difference. 


Our team also worked with their three ecommerce systems, moving all the old data and products into one place. With Elmwood’s input, we kept all the features they liked about their old systems and got rid of the features that made their life overcomplicated. 

We used Woocommerce, since it’s fast and simple to use for customers and employees alike. It provides complex product organization, and order fulfillment with ease. No more complicated work-arounds for sale tracking! No more arguments about which products belonged on which system! 

Just one sleek, central location for everything. 


Elmwood Stock Farm is already blossoming with their fresh start. After their web and ecommerce updates, customers found it easier to find information and place orders. Employees found it easier to fulfil them. 

Business is booming.


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